Addidas are lucky one might be

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Addidas are lucky one might be

Messagepar Labi1995 » Mer Nov 07, 2018 4:45 am

I largely ignored the video with the steel ball, it’s just entertainment. I find it less offensive than the majority of the crap spilled out shoe manufactures touting their latest bogus innovation. The video still is silly and should be treated as goofy marketing.On a technical Nike Air Max 270 Womens note, all shoes loose more energy on first Nike Epic React Flyknit Donne half of stance than the return on second half of stance, so the net energy is always negative.The only time a shoe can provide an overall improvement in efficiency is if the runner compensates for the extra vertical travel provided by cushioning by stiffening their body on stance and reducing it’s own energy losses associated with the hysteresis of muscles and other soft tissue.So it’s very much a case of Nike Air Presto Hombre is the spring in the shoe Nike Air Vapormax Mens more efficient than the spring in your legs. And if it is more efficient does does this provide greater gains than the weight of the shoes increases losses?I have now doubt that a more efficient overall sole material (the total of out-sole, mids-ole and insole and socks) will improve efficiency if weight does not increase over a similarly spec’d shoe with less efficient sole material. However, I can’Nike Air Max Thea Hombre t imagine that it’ll significant enough of an effect that it would effect race rules, we aren’t talking about anything in the order of efficiency that blades provide. Using a different mid-sole isn’t going to endanger life like performance enhancing drugs, and if there is advantage competitors will simply move to that design on mass and avoid any issues of unfairness.Overall I think one needn’t be as skeptical of this new mid-sole Adidas Superstar Hombre material as the majority of the “recent” shoe innovations, it is at least plausible. I suspect the gains if any will be very modest and if Addidas are lucky one might be able to spot differences in running economy if a study is carried out.One aspect not touched on is whether a material that is more efficient won’t absorb so much energy through the gait cycle and therefore won’t heat up as much. Less Nike Air Max 2017 Donneheating might also mean less wear, or should I say it the other way around, less friction within the materials will result in less wear and less heat.A problem with the video is that the human body is not a steel ball as pointed out elsewhere in the comments, and the human body is remarkably good at adjusting in small ways to anything underfoot (changing muscle activation, limb Nike Dunk SB Low Donne stiffness, etc.). It’s why mechanical testing of Nike Air Max 270 Femme shoes can’t always tell you how the shoe will behave when on the human foot. Seems to me that for adidas to claim that this shoe provides any performance advantage they’d have to take two weight and dimension matched shoes, one with Boost and one with maybe EVA, and show that oxygen consumption is indeed lower when running in Boost (i.e., improved economy). But, then they run into the risk of showing that Nike Air Max 90 Mens the shoes might provide a performance advantage that could lead them to being banned from elite competition.
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