NFL trades Why more teams dont wheel and

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NFL trades Why more teams dont wheel and

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Every year we all speculate about player trades in the NFL as the trade deadline nears, and every year the trade deadline comes and goes with almost no action.To many of us it seems odd that the NFL has not embraced trades the way other sports have. In other sports bad teams are sellers and the trade deadline presents an option for a team to get out of a bad contract or receive something in return for players who may not be in its future plans. It would seem to be a perfect opportunity for NFL teams to acquire draft picks, but there are certain reasons why the NFL finds it difficult to trade players.FANTASY: Week 9 advice | Sleepers | BustsIn general, the standard NFL contract is not conducive to trading in the salary cap world of the NFL. Most teams follow a very standard protocol when it comes to negotiating a contract structure. Players often receive a signing bonus when they agree to a contract. The signing bonus is a large payment that is often a percentage of the total contract value. For accounting purposes, the maximum amount that counts on the cap in a given season is one-fifth of the bonus so it allows teams to prorate the costs and le sen the salary cap impact of a contract. These bonuses can be as large as $30 million for a superstar quarterback and Stacy McGee Jersey around $10 million for a decent starter at other positions.For salary cap purposes, a trade is e sentially the same as releasing a player when we look at the salary cap impact. If a player is traded at the deadline, all future prorated money will accelerate into the next season. For some teams that takes certain players off the table if their signing bonus and other prorated bonuses were very large. In general, if a players dead money charge in 2017 will prevent them from being released next year it will also prevent them from being traded Terrell McClain Jersey during the 2016 season.For example, in 2015 an ideal candidate to have been moved at the trade deadline was Brandon Carr of the Cowboys. Dallas was likely out of the playoff race and while Carr was disappointing and overpaid, he was likely capable of helping a contributing team. But trading Carr would have cost Dallas $8.4 million on their 2016 salary cap, which was too much to spend. Instead they kept Carr and negotiated his 2016 salary down to a fairer price. This benefited Dallas this year more than a late draft pick.The signing bonus also presents a major psychological barrier to trading. The sunk cost trap is something we all fall into in our daily lives. If you feel you already paid a large amount of money for something that doesnt do the job you expect anymore, you still try to fix it and make it work because you paid so much for it already. Imagine paying someone $20 million in 2015 for a five-year contract and by 2016 sending the balance of that contract to another team? In e sence you are handing that team $16 million of your money in return for a third-round pick. In that scenario a general manager looks really bad and should have no desire to make that move. It will only help to get him fired.The team trading for a player also needs cap room to execute a trade. Despite the fact that the Vikings had more than $1 million in cap space, it was often said they needed to trade for an offensive lineman. In order for the NFL to allow a trade for a player like a Joe Thomas, who would cost around $4.5 million for the remainder of Josh Evans Jersey the season, the Vikings would have to create an additional $3.5 million in space. To do that would require restructuring other contracts, which might compromise the Vikings in the future.There is also difficulty in negotiating compensation in a trade. Rarely are trades in the NFL going to be player-for-player trades like in other sports. The compensation is almost always going to involve future draft selections and negotiating that can be difficult, especially if the player will be a free agent the next year.MORE: NFL Week 9 picksThe NFL awards 32 extra draft picks each year starting at the end of the third round. In order to qualify for a pick, a team must lose more free agents than they sign and the round in which they are awarded a draft pick is based mainly on a players salary that he receives in free agency. So if you have a player that is expected to earn a high salary there is no need to trade the player unle s you receive at least a third-round pick.When the Patriots traded Jamie Collins, a 2017 free agent expected to earn around $10 million a year, to the Browns this was likely a consideration that resulted in a third-round pick being the agreed upon compensation. That can be a steep price for a team, especially if the team does not improve after the year. The Browns risk giving up a draft pick for a player who may decide to leave the team after a non-playoff season.One of the final difficulties in making trades happen have to do with spending requirements. The NFL and NFLPA negotiated spending minimums that each team must meet over a four-year period. For some teams that are tight when it comes to reaching those thresholds it becomes nece sary to hold on to a player at the trading deadline. If a player makes $8 million in cash and he is traded away mid-season, each team will pick up approximately 50 percent of the salary. If a team needs that $4 million to meet their requirement they likely will hold onto the player.There are ways around some of these problems and we are seeing teams addre s that in their contracts and decisions. Teams like the Raiders and Buccaneers have stopped using signing bonuses in their free agent contracts. Teams like Sonny Jurgensen Jersey the Cardinals have pre-paid salaries to help with cap and/or cash situations. More teams negotiate compensation based on a player re-signing with the team they are traded to.So in the future expect to see more trades, but it will be a slow proce s that evolves over the next few years.
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