Wil Myers and the Trap of Filling a Need

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Wil Myers and the Trap of Filling a Need

Messagepar jackky » Mer Aoû 23, 2017 7:17 am

According to reports out of Might and Boston, the Royals have discu sed trading outfield prospect Wil Myers to the Red Sox and Rays in deals that would net them J'Marcus Webb Jersey Jon Lester or James Shields respectively. These discu sions would be the fruit from the Royals desire to upgrade a rotation that posted an ERA- of 122 like a group last year, the fourth worst mark of any club in baseball. Given how bad their rotation was, fixing it has become priority No. 1 for Dayton Moore this winter season.
In general, replacing your worst players is a pretty sound off-season strategy. If one part of your roster is stuffed with replacement level scrubs, it is po sible to make the most bang for your buck by replacing all of them with actual Major Leaguers. Actually, those moves are often the simplest upgrades to create, since there are more readily available +1 to +2 win players than there are +3 to +4 win players, so upgrading a black hole can be a more efficient method to improve the team than trying to upgrade over a decent-but-flawed placeholder.
So, from that perspective, the Royals plan to upgrade their rotation would be a sound one. Its exactly that the way theyre going about making these upgrades is a little strange, and absolutely nothing is stranger than the idea of trading away Myers due to the fact they wants better pitchers. Because, without Myers, the team would then require a better outfielder, and they perfectly might not be much better off than they were prior to the trade.
The Royals function not have acce s to the surplus of quality outfielders. Last year, they gave seven players various levels of playing amount of time in the outfield. Those seven, by quantity of playing time:
NamePAAVGOBPSLGwOBAwRC+FldBsRWARAlex Gordon7210.2940.3680.4550.35712614.11.25.9Jeff Francoeur6030.2350.2870.3780.28577-5.8-4.6-1.2Jarrod Dyson3300.2600.3280.3220.291802.47.91.6Lorenzo Cain2440.2660.3160.4190.3189970.91.7Mitch Maier740.1720.2600.3130.25656-1.80.9-0.3Jason Bourgeois660.2580.3030.3230.27872-3.4-1.5-0.5David Lough650.2370.2920.3050.266642.10.20.2Alex Gordon was excellent. Lorenzo Cain and Jarrod Dyson formed a decent enough center field job-share, and theyre complementary enough that you could keep them around like a CF platoon. And then there was everybody else. Jeff Francouer would be a disaster, and something of the worst everyday players in Major League Baseball, and yet, Mitch Maier, Jason Bourgeois, and David Lough managed to limbo under even his really low bar. And besides Myers, the outfield prospects within the minors dont offer any hope either.
Put Tre Madden Jersey simply, the Royals hole in right field is larger than their hole in the rotation. Even if youre betting on the bounceback from Francouer, youre looking at a 29-year-old who has averaged +1.3 WAR per 600 PA in the career, with almost all of that coming from 2005-2007. Within the last five years, Francouer has totaled +1.8 WAR. Hes about as near to as being a replacement level scrub as one could be without actually being a +0 WAR player.
Trading Wil Myers to improve the rotation is the definition of robbing Peter to pay for Paul. Theyd just be creating a void at one position to fill the void at another. The whole idea that the Royals are trading from a surplus of hitting is a myth. The existence of Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas, and Billy Butler dont affect the Royals capability to extract value from playing Myers by any means, shape, or form.
The best Kelvin Taylor Jersey way a group can have a lot of hitters is if they start to hinder each others ability to look for a regular spot within the line-up. There are situations in which a team faces diminishing returns from having a lot of similar players, and trading them to fill holes at other positions could make the team better, whether or not the talent exchange is a lateral maneuver. If Myers was a 1B/DH, Hosmer and Butler could be impediments to Myers production in KC, and the Royals would have a genuine need to trade one of the three.
But hes not. Hes an outfielder, and the Royals are simply as strongly in need of an outfielder as they are another starting pitcher. Swapping Myers for any pitcher only means they are differently weak, rather than actually eliminating an i sue on the roster. And, because of the pitchers the Royals are referring to acquiring, the rotation upgrade would probably be a brief one to begin with.
Both Lester and Shields have only 2 yrs left on their own contracts, and both can make more than $20 million over the next two Cortez Kennedy Jersey seasons, then be in a position to get long-term contracts that will likely price them from the Royals plans. The reports from the rumored negotiations actually claim that the Royals would need to find a way to clear money off the payroll simply to afford the current salaries of either pitcher, much le s figuring out a method to afford a big raise through the start of the 2015 season.
Given these car loan terms, a swap of Myers for either Shields or Lester may not result in the Royals much better in the short term. The truth that the team looks like it's low on cash means that they wouldnt then have the ability to supplement this trade by bringing in additional outfield help, therefore the team could be tied to another season of Jeff Francoeur, Right Fielder. If the choice is between a Myers/Paulino or Francoeur/Lester combination, the marginal upgrade in 2013 is going to be on the order of 1 or two wins, and the long term hit from exchanging Myers cost-controlled seasons for that FA prices of either pitcher will be substantial.
Filling an opening on the roster is a noble goal, but Mark Glowinski Jersey teams need to be conscious of the trap of seeing a want as a need, and doing more harm for their organization than good to be able to acquire a specific piece. Teams dont need pitching or hitting or defense they just need wins, plus they can get those wins in a variety of packages. The Royals can with with higher hitting and mediocre pitching, or mediocre hitting and good pitching, however they cant win with mediocre hitting and pitching. And trading Myers for any temporary pitching upgrade, while leaving Francouer to deal with right field, would mainly serve to ensure the team is mediocre acro s the board.
The Royals arent ready where they've a lot of good hitters to use Wil Myers. They dont have a surplus of hitting, plus they certainly dont have a surplus of outfielders. Exchanging Myers for any pitcher is penny wise and pound foolish. The Royals dont need better pitching. They require better players. Trading Myers for Lester or Shields doesnt make them better. It just means they are differently bad.
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